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Expert IT Consulting & Support  San Jose & San Francisco

Home & Small Office


Common Customer Needs

  • 1 to 5 PCs
  • Computer and Network Configuration
  • Computer/Laptop Repairs


  • Network Configuration
  • Mobile Device Configuration
  • Computer Service and Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Remote Software Diagnostics
Small & Medium Sized Business and Start-ups

it support provider

Common Customer needs

  • Office Moves & Expansion
  • Business Changes
  • Need hardware & software
  • Productivity Improvements
  • Cost Control
  • Trade-in Old Networks


  • Network Design and Installation
  • Server Selection and Installation
  • Network Infrastructure and Support
  • Server Infrastructure and Support
  • Virtualization
  • Computer Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Backup and Disaster
    Recovery Planning
  • IT Security
  • Email
  • Mobile Device
  • Wireless Networks
  • Collaboration Tools

CEC – unmatched computer service (San Jose and San Francisco)

More than 35 years have passed since the first PC was introduced to mass market, and now computers are integral part of our lives. They can be found anywhere from home to sophisticated production lines at factories, serving different purposes: entertainment, work, communications etc. Computers dramatically optimize workflow in any company along with peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, faxes, without which many tasks already cannot be completed at all. It’s unsurprising that unstoppable technological progress creates specific issues that commonly require intervention of trained specialists. As a more detailed example, here are quick heads-up why would a California-based company need a qualified computer service in San Jose or San Francisco:
  • Every device is constantly updated with new hardware and software giving new opportunities to utilize. Often whole never-before-seen fields of revolutionary applications appear as we have experienced with smartphones, tablets, cloud services and so on. It is hard to keep up with all arising technologies solely. In fact, the required knowledge base has become too extensive for one person to bear, which leads to a situation when companies and home users end up denying new solutions due to complex implementations. Within this website we have an ultimate answer where to get the best corresponding computer service (San Jose and San Francisco mostly, but not limited to).
  • Maintenance is another issue users come across. While computers and other devices can completely automatize processing of digital information in almost any possible way, they have to be checked, reviewed and upgraded on a regular basis. This is true for both hardware and software. Hardware may need various consumables, extensions, replacing of malfunctioning parts and generally have to be cleaned from dirt and dust. All of these fall under the concept of computer repair (San Jose and San Francisco companies are about to get a hint for the best partner in terms of computer service). As for software, operations include initial setups, adjustments to accommodate new challenges, backups and so on.

Yours best hit in choosing a computer service in San Jose and San Francisco

Computer Experts Corporation is the name you can trust due to unmatched experience in the field. We offer IT support and services to ensure your constant workflow. Unlike other companies we believe, that if you never come across a single issue after we have visited you, then this is the greatest result of our work. CEC brings the most eligible and expert IT consulting and support for global users as well as providing high-quality solutions suited to fulfill any needs that may occur. Starting from installation, going through updating, upgrading, maintenance and up to monitoring our technical support is considered a perfect computer service (San Jose and San Francisco companies can witness it themselves). We cover every field including, of course, computer repair that requires specific equipment. Check out About Us page to get a comprehensive overview why every our client ends up 100% satisfied with achieved results.

A detailed view at computer services offered by CEC

  • Network Configuration — the most demanding task that requires expert assistance. Networking area is established and configured using the latest techniques. No obstacles or third party will ever hinder your work. This activity includes security protection from outside threats.
  • Mobile Device Configuration — we fully understand dramatically increased role of smartphones and tablets in everyday life. That is why we eager to ensure efficient work of your devices regarding of operating systems and form factors. We adjust setups and make tweaks to provide you a new level of experience with your mobile device.
  • Computer Service and Repair— maintenance of hardware and software is essential for every user and organization. CEC focuses on both areas proficiently so your work will never be interrupted due to downtime.
  • Data Recovery — backing up is inevitable. Loss of data means additional time needed to restore results of work, which is impossible in some cases. With this option you can rest assured that the information will be recovered in its full integrity anyway. No third party will affect your work now. If malware cause your data to be lost, we will rapidly recover it.
  • Remote Software Diagnostics — we will help you anytime and anywhere. Wherever you are, we remotely diagnose your software, perform required tasks and resolve any problems you may come across.
Navigate our website to learn more about featured services. Contact us now and experience the difference in performance with our expert IT solutions.

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